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An education
for your unique child

Celebrating your child's uniqueness

Your child is unique. But the mathbooks and exercises your child does are the same as other children's.

AdaptedMind creates a custom learning experience for your child. A learning experience that identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses, and delivers a curriculum and exercises that adapts to these needs. That's adaptive learning.

Understanding your child's strengths and weaknesses

Our pretest quickly assesses the best starting point for your child

We initially assess your child's math skill level through a quick, dynamic pre-test. The pre-test changes depending on how your child is doing, and provides a baseline for where in the AdaptedMind curriculum your child starts.

We continually re-assess understanding in real time

Our SmartLearn algorithm re-assesses your child's strengths and weaknesses in real-time as your child does problems. We keep track of mastered skills and skills that need work. We automatically use this information to create a tailored math curriculum that is designed to quickly advance your child's mastery of math.

Moving at their own pace

Never too slow, never too fast

Because our SmartLearn algorithm assesses in real-time your child's strengths and weaknesses, we can deliver a math curriculum best suited to these needs at any point in time. We move at a pace appropriate to your child's learning. If they're speeding through a skill and quickly demonstrate mastery, we'll move them to the next, more difficult skill. If a particular skill is challenging, we'll give them extra problems to make sure they have it down before moving on.

Goldilocks would choose our chair.

Involving you

We help you get involved

We know that you are instrumental in your child's educational success.

That's why we make all of the real-time skill assessments behind SmartLearn easily accessible. We show progress and skill mastery visually, and help you understand stengths and weaknesses.

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