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Earn fun prizes

Serious Math, Real Fun

AdaptedMind motivates students by making learning fun and engaging. Students earn prizes as they work. We "challenge" them to learn new skills.

But even if our students sometimes have so much fun that they forget, don't forget for a moment that AdaptedMind is serious math - real math problems and blackboard instruction.

Prizes for Performance

Have loads of fun collecting virtual prizes

Students earn points, purchase prizes, and discover new prizes as they learn on AdaptedMind. The best testimony to how fun this is are a couple actual testimonials:

"My daughter, 8 years old, has so much fun doing math on AdaptedMind. And, wow, is that a change!"
~ Parent, United Kingdom

"Props for making this addictive!"
~ Parent, Iowa City, IA

Prizes push students to challenge themselves

Students earn points as they get answers correct on AdaptedMind. But here's the catch - the only way to earn a lot of points and unlock new prizes is to master new skills. Students push themselves and gain confidence in new lessons.

Example prizes:

Measuring skill mastery, and making it engaging

"Mom, I'm sending a penguin in a rocketship to the moon."

Mother: "That's nice, honey. But you know you're actually learning to subtract with borrowing, right?"

Daughter: "Yes, but I'm also sending my penguin on a trip to the moon!"

What just happened?

Students' progress towards mastery of each lesson is measured with a score from 1 to 100. When they reach 100, the skill is marked as mastered. Sounds plain enough, but here's how it looks:

And when you master the skill, we celebrate your accomplishment!

This is how we challenge students to master skills, and how we celebrate their accomplishments.

From mastering a specific lesson, to mastering math

Ok, great, AdaptedMind pushes students to master skills, but how about pushing them to master their grade level, or for that matter math as a whole?

Mastering lessons is like collecting badges

Each lesson in the students' grade level that's been successfully mastered is marked with a star badge. Students can quickly and visually see where they still need work, and feel like they are working toward a larger goal of mastering the skills in their grade.

We track progress across grades.

We want to help your child learn math throughout their academic career. We track progress in each grade level. You can review their progress in previous grades, and we tailor their approach to the next grade level based on how they did in the previous grade.

Engaging = Customized to your Unique Child

AdaptedMind is fun and engaging because it is tailored to your child

Your child is unique. But the mathbooks and exercises your child does are the same as other children's. AdaptedMind creates a custom learning experience for your child. A learning experience that identifies your child's strengths and weaknesses, and delivers a curriculum and exercises that adapts to these needs. That's adaptive learning.

AdaptedMind encourages students to learn skill at their own pace. We tailor the learning experience and thereby make it more engaging.

Learn more about how AdaptedMind is customized to your unique child.

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