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math problems

Earn fun prizes

As parents, we want the best for our children

That much is clear and universal. We hope we can make it clear why we believe that AdaptedMind is what's best for your unique child.

The best math lesson available online

AdaptedMind combines 300,000 proven practice problems with over 30 hours of blackboard video instruction to provide the highest quality K-6 math lessons available online.

Practice to understand

Our practice problems are designed help students attain understanding and relate skills to fundamental building blocks. Every lesson has over 500 lessons problems, and you can practice online or print a worksheet.

A teacher at a blackboard in your home

AdaptedMind pairs practice with quality instruction. We seamlessly integrate 30 hours of the best math instruction available on the web into our lessons. Instead of the latest gimmicks, avatars, and what-not, we prefer a "traditional" instruction style of a teacher at a blackboard. We deliver all of this to the comfort of your home.

All for $10 a month

We did the math. That's less than a quarter + a dime per day.

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Fully aligned with your states' math standards

View progress by standards to better prepare for state tests

AdaptedMind's math curriculum is fully aligned with all 50 states' math standards. You can use AdaptedMind to quickly find skills by each standard. We provide you with readily available, real-time reports that show which lessons need extra work and what skills have been mastered. This way you can ensure your student has the skills to score well on your state's exam.

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Serious math made fun and engaging

Students earn prizes for achievement

AdaptedMind students have fun collecting virtual prizes by answering problems correctly and mastering new skills. We push students to new heights and to challenge themselves by aligning rewards with increased math mastery.

We measure skill mastery, and make it engaging

In every lesson, we measure a student's progress toward mastery of the skill. We display progress visually, helping our students feel like they're on a quest to master the skill. And here's what happens when they do.

Embark on a quest to master K-6 math

Students get a star badges for each lesson they master in their grade. They can quickly see star badges and "needs practice" badges by each lesson. That's the bigger picture of what they're trying to achieve - mastery of all the skills in their grade level. In fact, our approach at AdaptedMind is to teach your child and track their progress throughout their academic career.

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An education customized to your unique child

AdaptedMind understands your child's strengths and weaknesses

Our pretest quickly assesses the best starting point for your child. We continually re-assess understanding in real time as your child practices, and we keep track of mastered skills and skills that need work.

We move at your child's pace - never too fast, never too slow

We deliver a math curriculum best suited to the each student's needs at any point in time. We accelerate through strengths and practice more on weaknesses. We move at a pace appropriate to your child's learning.

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