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The Highest Quality K-6 Math Lessons Online

AdaptedMind combines 300,000 proven practice problems with over 30 hours of blackboard video instruction to provide the highest quality K-6 math lessons available online.

Practice problems

Math problems emphasize concepts

We believe practice makes perfect, but practice needs to develop understanding.

In creating the AdaptedMind curriculum, we researched different approaches to learning math from across the globe. We incorporated approaches proven to help students learn concepts and develop an understanding of fundamental math principles. Students who develop understanding can learn advanced skills more quickly, because they are able to relate new skills to more basic building blocks.

Every lesson has over 500 questions

Each student has different learning needs. It may take 10 problems to master a lesson, but on others, it may take far more. With AdaptedMind, you'll never run out of practice problems.

Practice online or print a worksheet.

While most students prefer to work on the computer in a fun environment in which they earn points for prizes, sometimes it's great to sit down and work on paper. Each lesson has over 20 printable worksheets with answer keys. In addition, you can print worksheets of missed problems to provide targeted help.

Blackboard Video Instruction

Lessons have 30 hours of the best math instruction from across the web.

You get better by practicing, but first you need someone who can teach you. We put a teacher at a blackboard in your house by incorporating 30 hours of the best instruction available online into our math lessons.

We take only the highest quality videos that seamlessly integrate into our lessons. We prefer a "traditional" instruction style of a teacher at a blackboard.

Example video explaining basic subtraction:
Source: Khan Academy

Putting it all together

We have some pretty stellar lessons, but what makes AdaptedMind unique is the way it moves a student through these lessons and provides motivation as they work. AdaptedMind makes learning fun, provides customized learning to your unique child, and tracks their progress as they work. In addition, AdaptedMind is aligned with state standards in all 50 states.

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